So what is a copper pinhole leak?

Let’s face it. Copper isn’t perfect. It might appear strong on the outside but it could be on verge of breaking from the inside due to corrosion. There are many reasons for this to happen varying from water characteristics and properties, water pressure or incorrect installation. No leak present just after installation doesn’t always mean that installation was done correctly. Unfortunately it’s impossible to see whether installer did good job without taking pipes apart.

So what does a copper pinhole leak look like?

Check out this video showing how tricky a copper pinhole leak can be!

It’s not pretty!  For example on the picture below water stream actually made a hole into drywall and water was disappearing behind it. Depending on where this leak is located a copper pinhole leak can cause a lot of damage before you can even notice it.



Here is a closeup view of the water stream shooting from copper elbow. Copper-Pinhole-Leak-Detail


Signs of copper pinhole leak

Abnormally high water bills, soaked carpeting, wet spots on drywall wall or ceiling might be a sign of a pinhole leak in the copper pipe.


How it can be fixed?

  1. External solder can be applied to fix copper pinhole leak
  2. Replacing a small section of the pipe
  3. If a copper pinhole leak is affecting many places in your home you may need to re-plumb the entire house and possibly switch to plastic tubing where possible and allowed by code
  4. Some special pipe treatments are available such as epoxy coating of pipe interior

When we work on a project in your home we pay attention to the entire house no matter what we do. So if we see a sign of any problem we will let you know. With a trained eye you can spot many possible problems before they turn into a costly situation. Make sure you and your contractor do the same. Pay a close attention to any changes in your house. Even a seemingly small issue can be a sign of a potentially larger problem.

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